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Edible Earth Resources




Why Garden? 

There are a lot of benefits to tending to soil, plant, and ecosystem: the physical activity improves health, the menial tasks give your mind time to decompress, community and family gardens bring people closer together and the sense of accomplishment creates pride. Whatever your reasons for gardening, you can rest assured that when done correctly the benefits vastly outweigh the energy that gardening requires.

Why Sustainable?

Sustainable: Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Sustainability means looking to the future with every decision we make. Our current industrial agricultural system is far from sustainable. From giant dead zones in our oceans, to poisoned land, to the worldwide loss of topsoil, this system can no longer be maintained. Sustainable agriculture is the growing of food that improves soil and ecosystems, conserves water, soil, and other resources, and is safe for humans and other organisms. Our growing methods will improve the drainage of your soil, grow produce with higher nutritional rates, and reduce the amount of residual pesticides in your food and on your property.

Why Edible Earth?

Edible Earth Resources is the only firm of it's kind in the Houston area. We are experts in soil health, plant health, and food production. It is our goal to equip and educate our customers to produce meaningful amounts of their own food. Whichever of our services you choose we can assure you that you'll receive unparalleled customer service.

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