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Edible Earth Resources


Maintenance and Consulting

Edible Earth Resources wants you to prodúce próduce.  We want you growing good stuff.  Our idea of success is good looking, healthy, productive plants all over your yard.


We understand that you want to eat food from your yard but you might feel like you don't have the knowledge required to maintain your system. We have the solution: we will gladly teach you how to take care of all you have.  We'll show you how to prune, plant, seed, pick, cut, share, clean, and eat. We call it Educational Maintenance and it usually lasts a year.

Others might really want fresh local produce at their fingertips 24/7 but don't have the time to weed, prune, water, plant, encourage beneficial insects, etc. The solution is our regular maintenance program. Edible Earth will visit your garden on a regular basis to ensure that everything is beautiful and productive.

Contact us for a custom quote!


We also understand that sometimes you want to do the work and just need a kick-start; let us consult you. We are professional food system installers and we would love to share lots of info and know how with you. Most consultations last about an hour; if you are dreaming big (encouraged) it may take a couple of hours to put together everything that you'll need to get started successfully.

$75/hour plus possible travel fees

Contact us and we will come to you.

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