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Edible Earth Resources



Interest is quickly developing in multiple age groups for homestead living. A homestead is a piece of land on which you can live and produce many of the things you need. It is easy in the Houston area to produce a vast majority of the produce which you eat. Other items such as eggs, honey and even meat can also be produced on your own land. Early planning is key to a homestead as you can prepare land for growing much more economically if you have a few years to do so. However, if time is of the essence a homestead can be set up in a relatively short period of time.


Edible Earth is also your resource for starting farms. With experience in organic certification and market farming/orcharding we have all of the skills needed to get you off to a successful start in farming. Whether it's fruits, vegetables or a mix we can handle every phase from planning to infrastructure building.

Let's get started on your large project.

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