The train don't stop on our gardening and social eating series! If you haven't been part of the fun yet, join Edible Earth Resources this January 12th for a lesson in growing and good taste at Beaver's!

Excellent herbal cocktails by by the Beaver crew with creative appetizers will please your senses while Edible Earth's expert gardener Dany Millikin goes into detail on how to sustainably manage pests in your yard and garden, to allow for the highest possible yield of fruit and veggies!

The Grow & Eat series is our way to reach out to the greater Houston community and to show people that gardening and growing at home isn't just for folks with a "green thumb" or trained botanists. It's something we all should know more about, for our health and our tastebuds! We partner with restaurants in the area that support our mission of tasty, local, and concsious food to offer gardening classes that are paired with excellent food and drink to show off how fun and sociable gardening really is. Plant nerds are still welcome!

Tickets are $50 per person.