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Edible Earth Resources


Edible Landscaping

/templates/photos/landscape.jpgMany Houston area neighborhoods have strict homeowner's association rules and shaded back yards. This can leave a homeowner feeling like food production is not an option for them. In truth, most edible plants are perfectly beautiful in the landscape and require little maintenance. In the same way that most landscapes use annual and perennial plants, we build our edible landscapes on a backbone of perennial fruits and herbs(many flower beautifully!) and retain smaller pockets for beautiful annual vegetables and fruits.

We can either convert existing landscapes into food production, create new landscaped areas for edibles, or work with landscape architects from the beginning of a new project to include fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Using the contrast of differing colors, shapes and textures ensures that our edible landscapes are beautiful as well as safe and tasty!

Your edible paradise awaits.

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