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Edible Earth Resources


Composting Systems


Composting is a part of Mother Nature’s own circle of life. Organic material is broken down by naturally occurring bacteria and fungi into nutrient rich and microbially alive organic matter that is vital to soil and plant health. The compost itself provides nutrients and biota which allow plants to grow better tasting and more nutritious food. Composting completes the growth cycle from start to finish, all happening within your property! Making your own compost reduces waste and the carbon emissions of shipping natural fertilizers. Edible Earth Resources designs and installs composting systems. 

Make your own garden gold.

Rainwater Collection

/templates/photos/rain.jpgThere are so many benefits to harvesting rainwater runoff that every house should be equipped with a collection system. Runoff from roofs and gutters causes erosion and soil compaction issues. City water is expensive and contains additives that can accumulate and become toxic to plants. Collecting large amounts of water from wells can be expensive and causes subsidence and other groundwater issues. Rainwater collection systems are affordable (often paying for themselves many times over!), decorative, and provide irrigation that is much healthier for your plants. Edible Earth Resources will help you design and install your own rainwater collection system.

Reduce watering bills.

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