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Edible Earth Resources



Who we are:

Edible Earth Resources is a full service edible gardening firm in Houston, Texas. It is our goal to help you produce your own nutritious produce in a means that is safe for your family, healthy for your property's ecosystem, protective of our water supply, and requires the least amount of inputs and energy.

With a focus on research and education, Edible Earth is at the cutting edge of organic food production. As Houston natives running a Houston-based company, Scott and Clayton have passion to see the Houston community growing it's own food!

Core Values

When Isolated from one another these values do not create prosperity. For a thriving, healthy existence all three values must be intimately connected.

Why we:

    Produce: to bring forth yield by physical or mental effort
        Ex: Sugar snap peas produce edible pea pods for humans, improve the soil through relationships with nitrogen fixing bacteria, and provide winter forage for bees.
    Relate: To establish or demonstrate a connection between
        Ex: Horses and carrots relate by feeding eachother. When carrots are sprouted in horse compost enriched soil, they grow easily into a nutrient dense food for horses.
    Sustain: to keel in existence; supply with necessities or nourishment.
        Ex: An easy way to control most destructive garden pests is to sustain a population of beneficial predator insects. In other words, avoid commercial pesticides

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